On-Site School Closure Announcement

  • This afternoon, Governor Jay Inslee announced that as part of our state’s battle against COVID-19, on-site schooling will not resume for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. This is difficult news to process and we understand that this may be upsetting and disappointing for our students, families, and staff.  It also raises questions about what this means. 

    Rest assured, we have been preparing for this possibility. Our new online and distance learning program launches Monday, April 13 and our teachers and staff look forward to connecting with all of our students through innovative means. We’ll be sending you more information this week about the new system. You can also find updates on our distance learning page at www.ohsd.net/distancelearning. We will continue developing and expanding this program to carry us through the end of school in June. 

    High school students will still be earning credits and our seniors will be able to complete their requirements toward graduation. We will recognize our students and their accomplishments creatively, whether virtually, in small groups or other settings as permitted by the Governor’s order at that time.  We’re evaluating a list of possibilities for graduation, depending on what will be allowed, and certainly welcome input and suggestions. Together, we can make all of our typical school celebrations unique and memorable. 

    I have seen tremendous resilience and creativity as staff and families develop new ways to connect and find joy in the midst of this crisis. Our students need this from us now more than ever. Please know that we are truly in this together and, together, I’m confident we can make sure that our students don’t just survive, they thrive.