7th Grade | Week 4

  • Welcome, seventh grade families, to week four of our optional learning opportunities.  As a reminder, these are a non-graded set of resources for your family to use during our extended closure.  Resources will be updated each week. If you have difficulty accessing the resources please call 360-279-5040 or email us at

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Reading and Writing

  • Mindful Writing Monday

    Go Outside!  Once you are outside, focus on one object(tree, flower, bug, rock, leaf), then start a fantasy story with that object as the main character.

    Terrific Reading Tuesday

    Read a chapter from a book of your choosing; write a paragraph describing five personal connections you have to the story.

    World News Wednesday

    Watch 15 minutes of news or read a news article from a web site of your choosing; write 5 facts from the news story.  In complete sentences, write a paragraph (5-8 sentences) stating your opinion about the news story.

    Thoughtful Reading Thursday

    Read a chapter from a book of your choosing.  Write a diary entry from the main character.

    Fun Exploring Friday

    Go to the National Geographic Kids - Countries and read about Nepal.  (Or use the article included in the packet of learning materials.)

    Write 5 new things you learned from the reading. https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/countries/nepal/

    Using information from the article, write a paragraph about what you would like or not like about living in Nepal.

    Additional Resources

    Option 1

    Complete days 11-15 on Scholastic Learn at Home 

    username: Learning20 | password: Clifford

    Option 2

    Virtually visit the Sno-Isle Library

7th Grade Math

  • Big Ideas Textbook

    Monday & Tuesday

    Section 4.1 Solving Equations Using Addition or Subtraction

    Section 4.2 Solving Equations Using Multiplication or Division

    Section 4.3 Solving Two-Step Equations


    Section 4.4 Writing and Graphing Inequalities

    Section 4.5 Solving Inequalities Using Addition or Subtractions

    Section 4.6 Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication or Division

    Section 4.7 Solving Two-Step Inequalities


    7th Grade Big Ideas Puzzles


    Online Access


    Two-step equation intro All 4 videos

                  Worksheet; Two-step equations page 1 only


    Two-step equation word problems Super Yoga (both), Garden

                  Worksheet; Two-step equation word problems


    Two-step inequalities All 3 videos

    Worksheet; Two-step inequalities page 1 only


    Scholastic Math; Read the linked article on the K-Pop Wave on Korean pop culture, then click on Using Measures of Center link to watch a video related to the article and answer the questions on the skill sheet related to mean, median, and mode.


    Advanced Coding Be sure to watch the videos prior to attempting to code.              


Social-Emotional Learning

Science/Social Studies

  • With internet access, go to your Science teacher’s Google Classroom and look for the CK-12 assignments under the topic, Science Engagement March-April 2020: Types of Marine Organisms; Marine Food Chains; Ocean Ecosystems.

    If you do not have internet access, read the article in the packet of handouts (available at lunch pick-up sites) and answer the questions.

Science/Social Studies

  • Please check your Social Studies Google Classroom for more activities!  Ms. Grotzke, Mr. Jenkins, and Mr. Lucero will be adding activities each week, so go check it out!  The Class Code is qjhaqf6.

    Here is a lesson on the Middle Ages.


Family & Consumer Science

  • Students in Family & Consumer Science should join Mrs. Thompson’s Google Classroom. The code is dxeq66t

    This week I want to revisit clothing and color schemes!  Take the challenge to dress each day this week with a different color scheme.

    Monday Monochromatic Day

    Monochromatic means wearing the same color head to toe! Try to create a look to wear today at home.

    Tuesday Complementary Colors

    Wear colors together that are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

    Wednesday Analogous Colors

    Wear colors next to each other on the color wheel.

    Thursday Accented Neutral

    Take a neutral color like black, white or even denim and add an accent color!  Bam, you have an accented neutral color scheme!

    Friday Accessorize

    Add one accessory to jazz up your outfit today!  Try a hat, earrings, necklace…


  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 minutes


    Pick 5 different muscles to stretch.  Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.


    Play with a friend.


    Do as many curl-ups as you can.


    March Madness: take 60 imaginary jump shots.


    Say your math facts while doing reverse lunges.

    Other Resources


  • Monday

    Create a silhouette of something that describes a place where you would like to be right now. A silhouette is the outer line drawing of an object, and the inner portion is colored in black. I drew a palm tree, because I would like to be on the beach in Hawaii right now! 


    Practice applying value, or shading, using the side of your pencil point and adjusting pressure to achieve light or dark shading inside a simple shape, like a rectangle or a square. 


    Draw a new silhouette, only this time, instead of coloring the inside area black, vary pressure with the side of your pencil point and shade the inside of your silhouette with varying tone, from light to dark to light again.


    Using the side of your pencil point, while looking at a tree, capture the likeness of the tree using only value in place of lines.


    Today is an open-choice drawing. Challenge yourself to try something difficult. Write about your discovery.

Music & Drama

  • Band

    Practice your instrument 30 minutes each day -- keep your chops in shape!


    Look for an email from Mrs. McLean for activities to keep your voice and ear in tune!


    Try this Drama Activity and have fun with puppets.