5th Grade | Week 4

  • Welcome, fifth grade families, to week four of our optional learning opportunities.  As a reminder, these are a non-graded set of resources for your family to use during our extended closure.  Resources will be updated each week. If you have difficulty accessing the resources please call 360-279-5040 or email us at

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Reading and Writing


  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 minutes

    Option 1

    i-Ready online lessons - Students have accounts in Clever

    Option 2

    i-Ready Math packet -p. 18 - 22

    i-Ready Math packet Answer Key

Social-Emotional Learning

Science/Social Studies



  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 minutes

    Option 1

    April Activity Calendar

    April Daily Activities

    Option 2

    All activities need to be approved by your parents.

    Help a neighbor or friend with some spring cleaning!

    Do as many trunk-lifts as you can.

    Spring into Action: Find 2 people. Do 30 jumping jacks together.

    Do push-up shoulder taps while reciting your spelling words.

    Take a walk

Art and Music

  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 minutes.  (Select one content area to focus on per day.)


    Option 1

    Lego Self-Portrait: Faces and Hair - https://youtu.be/x1zW8af2MHY

    Option 2


    If you do not have the supplies for the Rolled Art Project, please review your Zentangle patterns, using the blank sheet of paper or the animal patterns.


    Please visit  https://folkways.si.edu/ 

    This is an awesome site that has music from around the world.  You can choose genre, place, musician and other. Some music is very old, some new.  Explore music you have not listened to before. Write on a piece of paper:

    Name of the recording_______________________________

    What genre/where did it come from?_______________________________

    What did you hear?__________________________________

    (Instruments? Vocal?)________________________________

    What tempo(speed) most of the time through the music?________

    What dynamics? (volume) most of the time through the music?___________ 

    How does this music make you feel?________________________________


    This week is sponsored by the key of B flat major (scale #188 in your book, or, for 5th grade students #110). 

    *Practice the B flat Scale and play it in whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes (if you can!).

    *Keep working on your Band Karate (go for at least one test passed a week!). 

    *Check the band website again for new, fun songs: www.ohisbands.weebly.com

Other Family Resources