7th Grade | Week 3

  • Welcome, seventh grade families, to week three of our optional learning opportunities.  As a reminder, these are a non-graded set of resources for your family to use during our extended closure.  Resources will be updated each week. If you have difficulty accessing the resources please call 360-279-5040 or email us at briefs@ohsd.net.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Reading and Writing

  • Mindful Writing Monday

    Go Outside!  Write in your journal for 15 minutes about what you are observing outside with your five senses, then create a poem about what you experienced.

    Terrific Reading Tuesday

    Read a chapter from a book of your choosing; write a paragraph describing your favorite scene so far.

    World News Wednesday

    Watch 15 minutes of news or read a news article from a web site of your choosing. Using complete sentences, write 5 facts from the news story.  Write a paragraph (5-8 sentences) stating your opinion about the news story.

    Thoughtful Reading Thursday

    Read a chapter from a book of your choosing; write a paragraph describing the antagonist(opposing force).

    Fun Exploring Friday

    Go to National Geographic Kids - Countries and read about South Korea

    Write 5 new things you learned from the reading. 

    Using information from the article, write a paragraph about what you would like or not like about living in South Korea.

    Additional Resources

    Option 1

    Complete days 11-15 on Scholastic Learn at Home 

    username: Learning20 | password: Clifford

    Option 2

    Virtually visit the Sno-Isle Library



Social-Emotional Learning


  • With internet access, go to your science teacher’s Google Classroom and look for the CK-12 assignments under the topic, Science Engagement March-April 2020: Flow of Matter in Ecosystems; Nitrogen Cycle in Ecosystems; Freshwater Ecosystems.

    If you do not have internet access, read the article in the packet of handouts (available at lunch pick-up sites) and answer the questions.

Social Studies


Family & Consumer Science

PE & Health

  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 minutes



    Pick 5 different muscles to stretch.  Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.


    Play with a friend.


    Do as many curl-ups as you can.


    March Madness: take 60 imaginary jump shots.


    Say your math facts while doing reverse lunges.


    • Check out this link about Healthy Relationships.  Answer these questions:
      • In a healthy relationship which two qualities are most important to you?, which two are least important to you?
      • Of the warning signs which two do you think are most likely to happen in a middle school relationship? What about a high school relationship?
    • Look at the Equity Wheel for Teens and give an example of a situation for 2 of the Teen Equity characteristics.

    Other Resources


  • Monday

    Draw a logo for a new brand of action sports products, like skateboards, motocross jerseys, snowboards, etc. Your logo should be simple and clean, descriptive of the type of sport, and original. Take inspiration from other designs you are familiar with. 


    Draw a simple t-shirt design that goes along with your logo design. Perhaps the shirt design incorporates the logo somehow, into one image. 


    Draw a new type of animal that has never been seen before. Perhaps it is not from this planet? Write a short description of the animal. 


    Draw a picture of your favorite food. Maybe a source image off of the internet or from your camera would help with this one. Write why this is your favorite food. 


    Today is an open-choice drawing. Challenge yourself to try something difficult. Write about your discovery.


  • Create a "Stomp" rhythm performance

    Supplies Needed

    • Pots and Pans
    • Boxes
    • Buckets
    • Utensils
    • Sticks

    What to Do:

    Create your own instruments and make a performance using them.

     Search for Stomp Live on YouTube. Listen and watch the wonderful percussive performances by this group. The Stomp ensemble uses items such as brooms and dustbin lids, playing them as musical instruments to create performances. You will be amazed by their rhythmic and captivating show.

    Stomp Live 2009

    1. Find objects that can be used as percussion instruments. Objects can be found inside or outside your house.
    2. Take 15 minutes to collect objects.
    3. Create a percussive composition, inspired by Stomp. This should take about 20 minutes.
    4. When finished, perform the composition for your parents or take a video of it and send it to friends

Other Family Resources