6th Grade | Week 3

  • Welcome, sixth grade families, to week three of our optional learning opportunities.  As a reminder, these are a non-graded set of resources for your family to use during our extended closure.  Resources will be updated each week. If you have difficulty accessing the resources please call 360-279-5040 or email us at briefs@ohsd.net.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Reading and Writing

  • Estimated Daily Time:  30-60 minutes

    Option 1

    Complete days 9-11 on Scholastic Learn at Home  Students can continue using this resource. 

    Option 2

    i-Ready online lessons - Students have accounts in Clever 

    Option 3

    Read at least 30 minutes a day and respond to Reading Bingo Reading Bingo Card

    Option 4

    Virtually visit the Sno-Isle Library

    Option 5

    English Grammar or Vocabulary on Free Rice

    Option 6

    Write a one page paper about an invention from a woman (See resource links in SS section) 

    Option 7

    Informational Graphic Organizer


Social-Emotional Learning

Science/Social Studies



  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 min

    Option 1

    March Daily Activities

    Option 2

    All activities need to be approved by your parents.

    Play outside

    Do as many push-ups as you can

    Take 2 laps around a pretend court and 1 giant star-jump

    Read a book while doing a wall sit

    Take a walk

Art and Music

  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 minutes.  (Select one content area to focus on per day.)


    1 Point Perspective Drawing

    If you do not have access to the internet, use the blank sheet of paper provided and choose one of the following Sketchbook prompts.  Focus on the values, remember, there are no lines!

    Open a drawer and draw its contents where they lay.


    Open your closet and draw everything you see. 


    Quaver's Marvelous World of Music  (www.quavermusic.com)

    (Login to Clever or sign in with Google at the bottom of the login page.  Students go to the blue Apps tab on Quaver Street and go to "Studio." Students work on Qstrum, QComposer, QDancer, QGrooves and/or QBackbeats.  Complete 10 or more measures and make a title and save under the file tab. Have fun!)



    Please review the Band Karate test sheet on Dr. Judd's website and check to see if your student needs to review previous tests. The website has been updated with the Band Karate sheets for each class. If your student has not used SmartMusic at home this year, please see Dr. Judd's website for the class code that the student will need in order to create a free account.

Other Family Resources