7th Grade | Week 2

  • Welcome, seventh-grade families to week two of our optional learning opportunities.  As a reminder, these are a non-graded set of resources for your family to use during our extended closure.  Resources will be updated each week. If you have difficulty accessing the resources please call 360-279-5040 or email us at briefs@ohsd.net.

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Reading and Writing

  • Mindful Writing Monday

    Go Outside!  Write in your journal for 15 minutes about how you are spending your time away from school, then illustrate your entry.

    Terrific Reading Tuesday

    Read a chapter from a book of your choosing; write a paragraph comparing or contrasting the protagonist(main character) to another protagonist you’ve read this year.

    World News Wednesday

    Watch 15 minutes of news or read a news article from a web site of your choosing; write 5 facts from the news story.  In complete sentences, write a paragraph (5-8 sentences) stating your opinion about the news story.

    Thoughtful Reading Thursday

    Read a chapter from a book of your choosing.  Write a paragraph about the main conflict in your novel.

    Fun Exploring Friday

    Go to National Geographic Kids - Countries and read about Argentina

    Write 5 new things you learned from the reading. 

    Using information from the article, write a paragraph about what you would like or not like about living in Argentina.

    Additional Resources

    Option 1

    Complete days 6-10 on Scholastic Learn at Home 

    username: Learning20 | password: Clifford

    Option 2

    Virtually visit the Sno-Isle Library


  • Monday 

    Check Skyward and make up any missing assignments


    6.2 Notetaking: Page 176; 6.2 Practice: Page 177, #13-24


    6.1 Exploration 1: Page 168-169; 6.1 Notetaking: Page 170-171


    6.1 Practice: Page 172, #1-24


    Review 6.1 by reading in the Big Ideas Textbook

Social-Emotional Learning


  • Option 1

    With internet access, go to your Science teacher’s Google Classroom and look for the CK-12 assignments under the topic, Science Engagement March-April 2020: Biological Communities, Roles in Ecosystems, Flow of Energy in Ecosystems.

    If you do not have internet access, read the article in the packet of handouts (available at lunch pick-up sites) and answer the questions.

Social Studies


Family & Consumer Science

  • Here are some activities to teach independent living skills and help out around the house.

    • Sort laundry into dark and light piles
    • Fold bath towels - Check out this cool video and try different methods.  Amaze your family with your amazing towel folding skills!
    • Take a load of laundry through the whole process: sort, wash, dry, fold and put clothes away!
    • Are you folding your clothes correctly? Check out this quick video to learn how to maximize your dresser drawer space!

    If you want to share experiences or pictures of what you have done, share with your teacher on Google Classroom!  Anyone is welcome to do these activities and join the class!  

    Google Classroom code: dxeq66t


  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 minutes


    Pick 5 different muscles to stretch.  Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.


    Play with a friend.


    Do as many curl-ups as you can.


    March Madness: take 60 imaginary jump shots.


    Say your math facts while doing reverse lunges.


Other Family Resources