Seventh Grade | Week 1

  • Welcome seventh-grade families!  Our Teaching & Learning Department has created an #OHmazing optional, non-graded set of resources for you to use during our extended closure.  These resources will be updated each week. If you have any questions or concerns about these resources, please call 360-279-5040 or email Liz Ritz at

Week 1 | 7th Grade

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  • Estimated Daily Time: 30-60 minutes


    Read a chapter from a book of your choosing; write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the chapter.


    Wednesday -- Watch 15 minutes of news or read a news article from a web site of your choosing; write 5 facts from the news story, in complete
    sentences; write a paragraph (5-8 sentences) stating your opinion about the news story.


    Read a chapter from a book of your choosing; write a 1-2 paragraph summary of the chapter.


    Go to the National Geographic Kids - Countries and read about Afghanistan. Write 5 new things you learned from the reading.
    Using information from the article, write a paragraph about what you would like or not like about living in Afghanistan.

    Additional Resources

    Complete days 1 - 5 on Scholastic Learn at Home
    Username: Learning20 | Password: Clifford
    Virtually visit the Sno-Isle Library


  • Estimated Daily Time:  15-30 minutes daily

    Option 1

    Complete iReady packet - p. 3 - 8

    Option 2

    Go to Common Core Worksheets; select “sort by grade” (on the left); scroll down to 7th Grade, select The Number System, then 7.ns.1b or 7.ns.2b and finally a worksheet on adding integers or multiplying and dividing integers.

    Option 3

    Option: go to khanacademy and create an account. Select your grade level, or math course. Start at the beginning with the “practice” problems; use the lessons and tips as needed to learn or review skills you forget.

    Option 4

    Go to Prodigy Games. Use your Google Account to sign up for an account. “Battle” with other students by completing math problems.

    Option 5

    Play a card game -- “Fractions War.” with a partner, deal 2 cards; the one who can make the largest fraction first wins the hand; winner collects all 4 cards; when you run out of cards in your hand, use your winnings pile as your hand; play until 1 player runs out of cards.

    Option 6

    Practice math facts with cards. Divide the deck into 2 even piles. Decide on an operation (add, subtract, multiply, divide). Draw a card from each pile and use the operation to get the total. Time yourself and see if you can complete the pile faster than the time before.





  • Estimated Daily Time: 15-30 minutes

    Option 1

    Get Moving!