Almost Maine Dazzles at OHHS

  • Delightfully funny and playful, the cast and crew from the Oak Harbor High School Drama Club do it again with their production of Almost, Maine, by John Cariani. The mythical town of Almost, located in Maine (hence the name), comes to life with some peculiar characters looking for love.

    Zeke and Ashton perform a scene in Almost Maine The series of scenes creates an engaging romantic comedy that will surely have you chuckling with witty puns and right-on-cue punch lines. With tons of symbolism, the play is captivating and moves along quickly. At the same time, the aurora of the Northern Lights creates a certain mystique about the unusual love stories that unfold in the mystery town of Maine.

    Each cast member gives an incredible performance, as the play features a vignette-style resulting in a void of a leading male and female. The ten-episode performance touches on nearly every love story imaginable but told in an adorable and all-too-true way.

    From the hopeless romantic to the response of a marriage proposal coming far too late, the audience should be prepared to experience a full range of emotions.  Most importantly, be ready to laugh. Stories include a woman traveling to see the Northern Lights with an artificial heart incapable of providing love. In another scene, you're laughing at an unsuspected hollow man getting whacked with an ironing board.

    Lawson Richards and Ella Langrock have strong performances as a married couple trying to find that lost spark during a forgetful anniversary evening.  Zeke Mann and Ashton Mendiola hit the floor (literally) as two friends conflicted about what the future may hold for their feelings. 

    Jared and Ashley perform the opening scene in Almost Maine.  Almost Maine is one of the popular high school productions in the country.  Due to its great dialogue and some zany characters, it’s obvious why.  While it’s evident the cast and crew are having a great time in this production, the audience is undoubtedly going to enjoy it just as much.

    The play premiers Thursday, Jan. 30, at 7 p.m. at Oak Harbor High School. Other performances are Jan. 31, Feb. 1, 6, 7, and 8.  Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for children under 12.  To reserve tickets for a show, email 

    Congratulations to the following cast and crew!  

    Pete - Jared Bryant
    Ginette - Ashley Berry
    East - Colby Fay
    Glory - Bella Coffey
    Jimmy - Josh Marrufo
    Sandrine - Kayla Raasina
    Waitress - Roslynn Wang
    Marvalyn - Emma Webb
    Steve - AJ Gibson*
    Gayle - Alora Van Auken
    Lendall - Jake Weinsheimer
    Shelly - Mckenzie Powell
    Deena - Niyah Reid
    Chad - Zeke Mann
    Randy - Ashton Mendiola
    Phil - Lawson Richards
    Marci - Ella Langrock
    Hope - Trinity Slowik
    Daniel - Quincy Sellgren
    Rhonda - Cienna Brenner
    Dave - Andrew Van Auken
    Northern Light - Emily Evans
    Northern Light - Gabby Eaton

    Stage Manager - Joey Rettus
    Set crew - Natalie Halverson, Elizabeth Lof, Leana Doughty
    Production Assistants - Jessica Turner