Sno-Isle Libraries Partners with OHPS

  • We are excited to announce a new partnership with Sno-Isle Libraries to provide public library resources to each of our students. No sign-up is required, there is no cost, and our district will automatically enroll your child into the system.  Students can access their files by using their lunch ID number or by going to the library and giving them their last name.  It really is that simple.  Here are just a few benefits this partnership includes:

    • Check out up to 10 books or DVDs at any of the libraries
    • Download 20 digital items (eBooks or Audiobooks)
    • Access digital resources (Homework Help and research databases)
    • Use of computers with filtered internet access at any of the libraries

    Families may opt-out of this partnership at any time by logging into Family Access and opting out.  We have a step-by-step tutorial for families interested in opting out of the program.  If your child has already enrolled, please allow up to 3 weeks to have them removed.


  • What is a Student Account?

    A student account is a special Sno-Isle Libraries account that lets students access public library resources using their OHPS lunch pin number (OH + school lunch number; Example: OH12345). Resources include online homework help, eBooks, research databases, print books and more. There is no physical card associated with this account.

    Who is eligible for a Student Account?

    As part of a pilot program, all K-12 students in the Oak Harbor School District are eligible for a student account.

    How are Student Accounts created?

    Student information is transferred to Sno-Isle Libraries to create student accounts. Student information will not be transferred if a parent/guardian has completed the opt-out form on Skyward Family Access.  Step-by-step instructions on how to opt-out are located here. This program is in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

    What online resources can I access with my Student Account? 

    • LIVE one-on-one homework help, plus a Writing Lab
    • Up to 20 downloadable digital items (eBooks and Audiobooks) at a time
    • Research databases and streaming content

    How many physical items can be checked out?

    Up to 10 physical items including books, DVDs, books on CD, and magazines at a time.

    Can I use a Student Account to access computers or print in the library?

    Yes. Just like a traditional card, a Student Account can be used to log in to library computers and check out a library laptop. You can also print and/or copy in black and white or color. For additional information, go to

    Do Student Accounts have PINs?

    Yes. Your PIN is 1234. You have the option to change the PIN when you begin using the account.

    How much does a Student Account cost? Are there fines?

    Student accounts are free. There are no overdue fines.

    How long will my Student ID work as a library account? Does it expire?

    Student IDs work as library accounts until a student is no longer enrolled in the school district, such as graduating or leaving the district. When a student is no longer enrolled, they may be eligible for a traditional Sno-Isle Libraries card.

    Will Student Accounts work in the summer when school is on break?

    Yes. Student Accounts can be used year-round.

    What if a student already has a Sno-Isle Libraries card?

    If a student already has a traditional Sno-Isle Libraries card, they will continue to be able to use it in addition to their student account. Students who do not yet have a traditional library card may obtain one after completing the registration process.

    Can parents or guardians choose for their students to opt-out of this program?

    Yes. Parents and guardians can opt-out of the student account program by completing an opt-out form provided by the school district on Skyward Family Access. Parents and guardians may also request to delete student accounts at any time.

    Can new students in the district get a Student Account?

    Yes. The school district will automatically send new student data to Sno-Isle Libraries to create student accounts.

    Can school district employees get a library account?

    Yes. School district staff may register for a Sno-Isle Libraries teacher card.

    How can I get help with my Student Account?

    Contact Sno-Isle Libraries in person, online or by phone to get help with your account. Go to to chat, email, call or text a librarian. You may also contact Jennifer Sullivan, Lead Librarian for Student Success ( or Jane Lopez-Santillana, Oak Harbor Library Manager (

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