Changing of the Guards

  • Meet The School Board

    It didn’t last very long for the recently retired teacher, Lynn Goebel. Five months after retiring, Goebel found her name on the November ballot running unopposed for a school board member position with Oak Harbor Public Schools.  

    Peter Hunt and Lynn Goebel At Monday’s Board meeting, she was finally sworn in and became the newest member of the team. She replaced the most senior Board Member, Peter Hunt, who announced he would not seek reelection for his seat.  Under Hunt’s guidance, he navigated the district through incredible projects like the reconfiguration of two middle schools and high school going to trimesters, but also during some of the significant triumphs like the school district reaching their goal of 90% on-time graduation rate. He was a constant source of wisdom for the Board, and his 12 years of service for the students of Oak Harbor will be felt for years to come.

    While Hunt’s dedication to students of Oak Harbor is well-documented, he is being replaced by someone with an equal track record. Goebel began her career after graduating from Texas Tech University with an elementary education degree and specialty in reading.  She displayed an incredible passion for students who struggled to read as she ended her career as a Title 1 learning assistance program teacher at Broad View Elementary. During her tenure, she also taught third, fourth, and sixth grades. 

    Her 18 years in Oak Harbor Public Schools, coupled with her energy and passion for education, brings an entirely different perspective to an already well-balanced Board.