Student Art Progress-Reporting

  • By working together, we can create a successful learning environment for students at school and at home. Here are some highlights of what's happening in our classroom.

    Homework (remote school work)
    Every week I create one art enrichment lesson that students can access through their Google Classroom. It is a standards based art activity which is designed for students to be able to do independently at home, with minimal art materials. The slide show lesson has step by step instruction, wiht images, video links and audio support throughout. Every Monday, the classroom teacher posts these specialist lessons in Google Classroom. There is no due date and they are purely optional. When I work with a grade level cohort in my rotation, I may post links as optional extensions of Art/Science concepts  that they have been learning through face to face in class instruction. Throughout the year, I may also send home optional practice exercises- practice makes progress, and drawing ability is related to how one practices seeing and drawing.
    Typically, art students are graded using a rubric. However, this year, with the pandemic, I will not be issuing grades, just specific feedback through written comments. When we do go back to grading, it involves a rubric, a scoring guide that seeks to evaluate a student's performance based on the sum of a full range of criteria rather than a single numerical score.  Students will be assessed using two different objectives: 
    1. Understands and applies art knowledge and skills
    2. Demonstrates cooperative behavior, is self-directed, takes responsibility, and shows appropriate effort. 
    Students themselves are involved in the assessment process through both peer and self-assessment. 
    To earn an "O"
    I produce high quality/creative work.
    I apply all skills, especially those stressed for the assignment.
    I participate in class and use time well.
    I solve problems and work independently
    To earn an "S"
    I produce acceptable work
    I apply some of the skills that are expected for the assignment.
    I usually participate and use time well.
    I try to solve problems and work independently.
    To earn a "P"
    I produce work of inconsistent quality.
    I rarely apply the expected skills for the assignment.
    I sometimes participate and use time well.
    I rarely work independently or solve problems.
    To earn an "N"
    I produce no work, or work that shows little effort.
    I do not apply the expected skills.
    I do not participate or use time well.
    I do not solve problems or work independently.
     Report Cards-Family Access
    Art grades are issued at the end of each trimester.  Student artwork will be created and sent home throughout the year, however, a good portion of their artwork will be held for display at school and for the musical events.   I also hold their best artwork for the Art Walk in the Spring. Three times a year around the time report cards are issued I will send home an update and preview through Skyward messaging/email.  Each time I send your child's artwork home, take a minute or two to talk about it with your child. Encourage your child to explain their newly acquired learning and skills. 
    I realize some parents like to see artwork before the completion of each project; therefore, you are welcome to come by the art room and look at your child's work throughout the year.  Please set up a convenient time with me beforehand since my day is filled with teaching and working with budding artists.

     I also would love to have your participation in the art room if possible, and if your time allows. Therefore, if you are interested in volunteering please let me know!