• Homework

    Students are provided a speech homework folder in September of each school year or whenever they start attending speech services.  Homework expectations are listed on a handout that is included in the folder when it is first sent home.  Speech homework assignments are given about once a week, sometimes more if the students request it.  Students are given a star on my homework chart when they return their signed homework assignments.  Homework assignments are typically short and meant to reinforce skills practiced during speech therapy sessions or to address speech/language IEP goals.
    Progress Reports
    Students with speech/language services receive a progress report each trimester at the same time that classroom report cards are sent out.  Typically a copy of the goal page is sent home with the student with progress notes on it.  If a student has more special education services than just speech/language, then special education teach will send home the progress report.
    Speech/language apps to check out
    For articulation:  Articulation Station—comes with the sound P, and additional sounds start at $1.99,  Speech Pairs by Synapse Apps, LLC, and Articulation Flip Books by DynaVox Mayer-Johnson
    For language:  Heads Up—you can work on your description skills with this guessing game (99 cents), Flash Gram by palaware, Kids Learning Photo Touch Concepts by Grasshopper Apps.com, and Question It by Language Learning Apps, LLC
    For social language:  Between the Lines—available in 3 levels, with lite and full versions (.99-$15.99).  Great for idioms, perspective taking, and emotions.