Highly Capable Program FAQ

  • The fourth grade hi cap class.  Starting in 2019-20, Oak Harbor Elementary (OHE) will become the new home for the third grade Highly Capable (HiCap) Self-Contained Program. The fourth-grade Self-Contained program will move from Broad View to OHE the following year in 2020-2021. Space has become a major challenge at Broad View as their student population has grown, which necessitated the move of the HiCap self-contained program. By phasing in the move over two years, no students currently in the self-contained HiCap program will be affected.

    Moving this program was carefully studied and discussed.  The district held a variety of meetings with administrators, teachers and parent groups. Without the move, as many as 50 students in other Broad View classrooms would have been involuntarily moved to other schools. Ultimately, the lack of space at Broad View Elementary led us to relocate the HiCap program instead.  Having the program more centrally located at OHE was also cited as an advantage.

    Oak Harbor Elementary is the district’s “School of Choice.” This means that families do not have to live within the boundary to send their child to the school. In fact, half of the students at the school come from other school boundaries and attend there by choice. Known as the
    “Community School,” the school partners with various community groups and organizations and conducts year-long projects to assist in the community.  In addition, the school has a required dress code offering a unique, positive and inclusive learning environment for its students.

    While some are excited about this new opportunity, we understand a few parents may have questions about moving the program.  Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the change.

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    Why did the self-contained program move from Broad View Elementary to Oak Harbor Elementary?

    One of the main reasons to move the self-contained classes from Broad View was the lack of space and classrooms available at Broad View Elementary.  Without moving the self-contained highly capable classes to Oak Harbor Elementary, many students already attending Broad View would be forced to move to other schools. This change keeps these students at Broad View.

    Will students who receive highly capable services in the self-contained program at Oak Harbor Elementary be required to wear uniforms?

    The standardized dress code is just one element that makes Oak Harbor Element special and unique.  Students who attend Oak Harbor Elementary will follow the school’s dress code and wear the approved school attire. The approved clothing colors and styles are affordable and readily available at local retailers and online. The dress code creates a positive, respectful and inclusive environment in which the economic differences between students and fashion is not a distraction. Families needing assistance with uniforms can contact the Oak Harbor Elementary school office.  

    If I have a student who is accepted into the third-grade self-contained program at OHE next year and they have siblings at another school, do the siblings have to transfer?

    Sibling transfers are at the discretion of families and based on the open number of spots at each individual elementary school and grade level. Should HiCap families request a move with their siblings to OHE, their request will be given priority status. Parents must put in a transfer request at their home school. While preference is given and sibling transfers approvals are likely, they are not 100% guaranteed.

    What happens to the students of the families that are eligible for cluster services?

    Students who qualify for cluster services will be served at their home school and will be placed in a classroom that has a group of students receiving highly capable services. Teachers will provide differentiated instruction to meet these students’ needs.

    If my child qualified for the self-contained program and my neighborhood school of residence is Broad View, can I choose to keep them at BVE?

    Yes.  Broad View Elementary will still offer cluster programs for both third and fourth grades.  Families may opt to keep their child enrolled at Broad View for any reason and the district will continue to support them with HiCap services through the cluster program.

    Will Oak Harbor Elementary still have the cluster program?

    Yes, Oak Harbor Elementary will continue to provide HiCap services through cluster classes.

    If my child qualifies for the self-contained placement at Oak Harbor Elementary school and they are coming from a different school, will transportation be provided?

    Unless students live within walking distance to Oak Harbor Elementary (one mile), self-contained HiCap students outside that area will be provided with district bus transportation. Siblings of highly capable self-contained students may also receive transportation to Oak Harbor Elementary if space is available on the bus. Decisions on sibling bus transportation will be determined after the school year begins to make sure the needs of all HiCap students are met first.

    Will there be a change in the highly capable services provided?

    The self-contained program will continue to use the same curriculum as in previous years. Same services, just a different location.