Athletic Eligibility

  • Before participating in athletics, a student must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Live within the Oak Harbor School district boundary.
    • Live with natural parent(s) or a court-appointed guardian.
    • Attended school last semester.
    • Currently enrolled in at least five, full-time semester classes.
    • Pass all semester classes during the previous grading period.
    • Sign and return all papers in the Athletic Clearance Packet to the Athletic Office for approval.
    • Provide a valid physical.
    • Purchase an ASB endorsement sticker and pay the activity fee.
    • Provide proof of insurance coverage or purchase school insurance.
    • Clear all fines.
    • Student-athletes transferring into the district should view our policy concerning mid-season transfers.

    Note: Individual sports may have additional requirements.  Students and parents/guardians are advised to check with the head coach well in advance of participation time.