• Self Care/Mindfulness Apps

    There are a number of smart phone apps and websites that some people find helpful for managing mental health, tracking moods, or building mindfulness skills. As with any app, talk with your parents about using these apps, practice internet safety, and be mindful that different tools work for different people. 


    BoosterBuddy - Check in on your feelings, build a library of coping strategies, and learn how to manage stress, anxiety, or other issues with the help of a cute cartoon sidekick.

    SuperBetter - App and website to help you build resiliency and skills using video game theory. Great for gamers!

    Stop, Breathe, and Think  - check in with your feelings and get short mindfulness activities based on your input. 

    Smiling Mind - guided mindfulness and meditation exercises; app and website.

    What's Up? - App to help you cope with anxiety, depression, anger and more, and to help you get back in control when you feel overwhelmed.

    MindShift - An app for anxiety management