Everyone Include everyone, Invite others, No one gets left out, Sharing, Helping everyone,·Caring about everyone


    Excellence Keep/maintain a positive attitude,·Try your hardest,·Never say anything that you can’t do something,·Always do your best,·Go beyond expectations


    Persevere Never give up,·Always keep on trying,·If at first you don’t succeed, try again


    Life-Long Learner Continue to want to learn,·Never gives up on learning,·Knows what needs to be learned,·Learn something new everyday,·Someone who is always trying to learn something new


    Open Mind Be flexible,·Willing to learn something new,·Willing to listen to others ideas,·Be creative,·Going beyond the obvious


    Responsible Knowing and doing what you have to do,·Doing things without being told to,·Accept the consequences,·Be prepared,·Plan ahead


    Empathy Care,·Express sympathy,·Feel for others,·Being thoughtful of other’s feelings,·Imagine yourself in another person’s place


    Respect Be kind to others,·Pay attention and listen,·Show appreciation,·Showing kindness to everyone,·Treat others the way you want to be treated


    Service Helping out,·Doing things for others.·Giving someone a hand