Learning Resources

  •  Grading

    I grade on classroom engagement, skills, and Google Classroom assignment completion.  Engagement includes joining in and demonstrating vocal and body warm-ups, singing, playing instruments, answering questions, engaging in groups, and other activities demonstrating music skills.  Google Classroom will have assignments listed under each month.  Please check each week to see if assignments are completed and there is a grade for the assignment. If a student is absent there will be make-up work in Google Classroom under "Absent from School Work."  Open the activity missed, watch the video and do the activity.  Email Mrs. Hall what was completed and what you learned.  This will cover the absence.

    Students can do extra credit to improve grades.

    Extra Credit Music Ideas

     Share Your Talent

    perform something that is your talent

    Share Your Favorite Music 

    genre (style/type) 

    Share Your Favorite Thing

    a. Poem, quote, book, short story

    b. Collections: cards, coins, figures, rocks, stuffies, etc  

    *Write a piece of music on staff paper and submit it to Mrs. Hall 

    *Write a poem or lyrics to a song and submit it to Mrs. Hall

    *Access Quaver ED (access in Clever) and document what you worked on and the amount of time spent.

    *Access Breezin' Thru Theory and do a Mad Dash Drill. (access in Clever)