Learning Resources

  • Extra Credit Music Ideas


    *Researching a famous musician/group or composer and bring in some facts

    *Sharing an instrument of your choice, playing live or record it on a media device

    *Singing a solo or with a group in class or record singing on a media device and send it to Mrs. Hall at rhall@ohsd.net or show the device in class

    *Write a piece of music on staff paper and submit it to Mrs. Hall 

    *Write a poem or lyrics to a song and submit to Mrs. Hall

    *Access "Quaver's Marvelous World of Music" (access in Links) and document what you worked on and the amount of time spent.

    *Access "Breezin' Thru Theory and do a Mad Dash Drill. (access in Links)



    I grade on participation/effort, music skills and behavior.  Students will self assess after "Meet" class reflecting on the above expectations and what they are learning using an exit tickets in Google Assignments.   Here is an example of an exit ticket.


    Music Exit Ticket = 5 points

    Please give me one to two complete sentences for each question.

    Please use capitals and periods at the end of sentences.

    1. What were the music objectives today?

    2. What did you learn?

    3. What activities did you do?

    4. Why was it important?                                                                                                                       

    5. Rate your own participation and effort today. Highlight your answer

    4=Outstanding         (extra attentive, answered questions, participated over and above)

    3=Good                  (participated as asked, followed all directions)

    2=Ok                       (participated 70%, follows most directions)

    1=Needs Improvement (50% or below participation, off task, little effort)

    0=Inappropriate Behavior (didn’t follow directions, was disrespectful and unsafe)