Learning Resources

  • Most math assignments will be completed during class time and will be due the next day.  However, there will be times that your student may not complete the daily assignments, and will need to finish it for homework so that it can be turned in the next day.  Please ask your student if they have homework, and remind them to complete it.  It is very hard for 5th graders to get caught up when they start to fall behind, so remind your students to check in with me after they are absent.  Also, if your student is having trouble with a problem at home, just have them skip the problem and put a smiley face beside it.  We will review problems the next day and there is no need for the stress at home.  Before starting new math units I will give a pre-test to evaluate where students already are with a concept.  These pre-tests will only be graded on completion, not ability.  As we work through lessons together in class there will be a "mid-unit quiz" which helps me see whether or not we should keep moving forward, or slow down.  At the end of the unit, there will be a unit test.  Students may be asked to correct missed Quiz and Test problems at home in order to improve their grade.  Test corrections will require a parent or guardian signature to be accepted.  Throughout each unit in Math, I will teach, reteach, show tutorial videos, enrich, and allow students to interact with materials to better understand concepts.  Students will work in teams, with partners and independently.  I am always willing to spend extra time with student before school if they need extra help, so please reach out if necessary. 

    We will not have a lot of homework in Science, as most of our learning comes from experiments and hands on engagement with the curriculum in class.  Students will receive participation points throughout the week, and can earn full participation points if they are:  Trying, Asking for help when needed, Working well with their peers, Repsecting all Science materials.  I will provide ample time for projects that might need to be completed at home and would love to have parent/guardian volunteers to help with Science in class.

    Grades are a way for parents, the student and myself to see how students are progressing.  Grades are important, but they are not a student's identity.  I will be very honest with my class, letting them know that everyone is on their own academic journey.  In my class, we respect each other and work to become the best versions of ourselves.  There may be times that students need to redo work, and that is okay.  Students can rework quiz and test problems for half credit as long as they show all their work and get a parent or guardian's signature.  If your student has not met a score of 70% or better on a graded assignment, it should be redone.  Correcting missed problems helps students recognize that making mistakes helps them learn, and also will result in a better grade.  Students will have a week from the due date to return updated work to me, unless otherwise announced.  I will usually extend that time if I am asked in advance.  

    The grading scale is listed below for reference:

    A - 100-90%

    B - 89-80%

    C - 79-70%

    D - 69-60%

    F - 59% and below