Andrea Partridge

  • Hello Hand-in-Hand families!

    My name is Andrea Partridge, and I am one of two school psychologists this year at Hand-in-Hand. We are here to help support the classroom teachers in designing an effective preschool program for your child. Part of that includes evaluating students' skills and abilities in relation to their ability to learn and operate with others in a classroom environment. 
    I was born and raised in Oak Harbor, gratefully educated by the staff of Oak Harbor Public Schools, and faithfully a Wildcat! From Oak Harbor, I moved to Bellingham to earn my Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, with a minor in Child Psychology, at WWU. From Bellingham, I moved to Idaho to pursue my Master's Degree in School Counseling at the University of Idaho. I worked as a School Counselor for Oak Harbor Public Schools for a few years before moving back to Idaho to earn my Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology. I have been working as a school psychologist for the past 14 years with children ages 2 1/2 all the way up to 21 year-old adults. I love the diversity of my job, as you never know what kids will say or do! 
    Being back home with my family and friends is the light that keeps me going. My parents still live on the Island, and my sister and her family live close, so I can see my niece and nephew often. I have two children of my own, one an adult pursuing their own dreams in Bellingham at WWU, and the other just starting off their Wildcat career at OHHS. I have two dogs that keep me walking the beaches and trails of Whidbey daily, so feel free to honk, wave, and/or say hello when you see me out and about!
    I love working with the students at Hand-in-Hand! Although I am not often in the classroom, it makes my day when I have the opportunity to greet them at the beginning of their days or when they walk by my office to say hello!

Contact Information

  •  Andrea Partridge

    Andrea Partridge
    School Psychologist
    Phone: 360.279.5931