• I entered the U.S. Coast Guard in September of 1998, and served 4 years active duty after a failed attempt at college. I was stationed on the east coast and in San Juan, PR for most of my enlistment. When my enlistment was fulfilled in 2002 I went back to college, this time more prepared and focused. I graduated from Western Washington University in 2006 with a B.S. in Exercise Science. For the next 8 years I worked as a personal trainer, private strength and conditioning coach, and a Power Yoga instructor. I also did a short stint as an insurance adjuster during that time. After working with hundreds of clients I came to the realization that in order to make "Health and Fitness" our default lifestyle, we must learn and practice those skills that lead to as children. I earned my Masters in Education (physical education and health emphasis) from the University of Idaho in 2014. Since then I have either subbed in SW Washington schools, or taught PE full-time at a small school in the Eastern Sierra's of California. I also teach Physical Education Methods for Elementary teachers, and Health Education Methods Secondary for Elementary teachers through Lewis-Clark State College Kinesiology department. I love fishing, playing my guitars, and lifting heavy things off the floor and putting them over my head. Come this summer you will likely find me on the water fishing for whatever is biting, competing in local Olympic Weightlifting meets, and jamming in my garage.
    Physical Education Teacher