Learning Resources

  • Homework
    Each week your student will have spelling homework and required Reading.  We also incorporate storyboards, which our 1 minute timings on accuracy and fluency.  These greatly help the students practice for their yearly DIBELS testing we do 3 times a year.  Stay tuned for information on how we will be doing homework this year in second grade. 

    I will be starting the year using the clip chart system.  However, I am working my way to using a Classroom Economy system, which over the summer have fallen in love with.  However, I'm still trying to learn the best way to incorporate this into the classroom for success.  Once I get this up and running, you may find that I do away with the clip chart.  This is all new right now and still a work in progress.  We'll see what works best for this group of students!  
    The clip chart: Your child will start each day on Green.  If their binder is signed, they will clip up.  This is a good way to start the day off on a positive note, so please make sure to initial their homework/behavior sheet.  It's also a way for you to see how their days are going.  We do not believe just because they clip down that it's a one and done mentality. Our clip chart is designed for them to move up and down the clip chart as needed.  If they make it higher than the highest color (Pink), they are "Off the Chart" and earn a sticker.  After 5 stickers, they will be added to the Hall of Fame.  
    Students will receive a letter grade in the subject area as follows: (O) outstanding, (S) satisfactory, (P) making progress, and (N) needs improvement. Their grades are based on daily classroom performance and assessments. 


  • Scholastic Books- Use this website to order from monthly classroom book orders online using a debit or credit card. 
    Spelling City-If you click on "Find a List" and enter the search our school name, click on either Susan Briddell (normal spelling list) or Susan Jensen (challenge spelling list), and you can select games and activities from most any of the 2nd grade Story Town spelling lists that we are working on in class.  You just need the lesson number.