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    Hello!  My name is Nicole Ritter and this is my second year teaching at Oak Harbor Elementary.  I am so excited to be teaching with the second-grade team again this year!

    A little about me:  I graduated from Auburn University and absolutely love my Auburn Tigers!  They are my inspiration for my orange and blue "Tiger" themed room.  I have been married to my husband, Chris, for 14 years and we have two wonderful children...Emma (9r) and Blake (4).  We have a very loveable German Shepherd named Lexi.  We have been in Oak Harbor for 11 years now, with a short year and a half away in Japan.  

    This year is going to be absolutely fantastic!  I love to do as much electronically as I can in order to reduce the amount of papers that come home with your student.  I will be sending home a weekly newsletter by paper the first month of school and then will move to it being sent through email each Sunday.  This is my chance to remind you of important events, highlight some things we are learning and an email full of information for you and your student to be successful in my class family!  Please make sure to check your child's orange homework folder each night and clean out the folder so you don't miss anything that was sent home...either from me or the school.  

    I'm always available by email or phone, and please don't hesitate to come in and see me if you need.  I'm here for your student and want them to have the most successful academic year.  We are all in this together and I BELIEVE in your student and their academic potential.   

    Mrs. Ritter


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