•  Communication with Teacher or Principal 

    We welcome any opportunity to talk with parents about their students. It's always best if the first contact is with the student's teacher. Please send a note, email, or call before or after the school day. Teachers are not able to take calls or meet with parents during instructional time. Our principal, Mrs. Lucero, welcomes the opportunity to get to know parents and family members. Please do not hesitate to call, email, or send a note to Mrs. Lucero regarding student or school questions or concerns. 


    School Newsletters & Bulletins  

    Our Orca Soundings newsletter is published once a month and sent home the first of each month via email, website, and Facebook. Our newsletters contain upcoming events and important dates for the month, announcements, and celebrations. The current newsletter is available for viewing at the Orca Soundings Newsletter link as well as on the Olympic View Elementary message board located at the entrance to the school. There are also copies available in the office if you do not have internet access.

    Additional flyers for school events may be sent home with students. Automated phone messages are also used occasionally for reminders of upcoming special events.
    To ensure that you see all school correspondence, please request to see school work, homework, and notes each day. Talking daily with your students about school demonstrates your interest in their success and your commitment to making their school experience an important element of their upbringing.

    Phone Calls 

    Students may use the school telephone only with permission from their teacher or when directed by the principal or staff. Students will not be called out of class to receive incoming calls, except in the event of an emergency. If you have an important message for your student regarding transportation or special situations at home, please call the office before 2:15 p.m. Messages after 2:15 p.m. may not get to your student prior to dismissal. Please make every attempt to communicate any new directions for the day, such as a doctor or dental appointments or different after school arrangements, with your student before he or she leaves for school in the morning. It is always appropriate to send a note to your student's teacher outlining any changes to your student's regular routine. 

    Updating and Maintaining Current Student Information Records 

    Keeping your contact information current is necessary in the event of sickness or an emergency. Please inform the school office of any changes in your home/work/cell numbers or address. It is also helpful to provide the school with an emergency contact in the event that you cannot be reached or are unavailable on a particular day. If you will be out of town, please send a note to the office indicating the person who is caring for your student.