Kindergarten Orientation FAQ

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    Where will my child attend school?

    • Most students attend elementary school based on the student's home address. 
    • On some occasions, students may attend a school other than their neighborhood school for one of the following reasons:
      • Special program needs of the student (the program needed for a student may not be at their neighborhood school)
      • Parent makes a formal transfer request for their child to attend a different school
        • This must be done annually
      • Space and availability
    • Oak Harbor Elementary is the district’s School of Choice
      • More students choose Oak Harbor Elementary than any other school in our district
      • Once enrolled, families do not need to submit a transfer request in subsequent years
      • Programs offered at OHE included:
        • Leader In Me, Highly Capable, Access, Developmental Kindergarten  

    When is the first day of school for kindergarten?

      • First day of kindergarten instruction is Wednesday, Sept. 7
    • Sept. 1, 2, & 6 are the first three days of the school year, which are reserved for Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences or Family Connection Days
    • These times are designed for families to visit with teachers and become more familiar with our school buildings

    When and where do I register my child for kindergarten?

    • Enrolling your child may begin as early as Monday, March 28. This is an online process with information available on our website. Families needing extra support may visit our elementary schools during business hours (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.). 

    Broad View  |  473 SW Fairhaven Drive  |  (360) 279-5250 
    Crescent Harbor  |  330 E Crescent Harbor Road  |  (360) 279-5650 
    Hillcrest  |  1500 NW 2nd Avenue  |  (360) 279-5200
    Oak Harbor   |  151 SE Midway Blvd.  |  (360) 279-5100 
    Olympic View   |  380 NE Regatta Drive  |  (360) 279-5150 

    Students who attend Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center do not need to go through the online enrollment process. They’ll automatically be rolled up to Kindergarten. Head Start students will need to participate in the online enrollment.

    What will I need for online enrollment? 

    • Birth Certificate
    • Verification of address
    • Immunization records
    • Medical information (health conditions, list of medications needed at school, etc.)

    Are there any welcome-to-school events?

    • Watch your email and check school websites for “Welcome to School” events
    • Some schools may send a letter via mail in August with teacher assignments and conference time

    What’s the school schedule and calendar?

    • Wednesdays are “Early Release" days, so students will end their day one hour earlier. 
    • The normal student schedule is 9:00 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.
    • Kindergarten students have no school the first three days of the school year so teachers have time to meet and conference with every family
    • There are also days for parent-teacher conferences in October and February

    What are some of the special programs offered?

    • Literacy & math assistance
    • Special Education
    • Speech & language therapy assistance
    • Occupational & physical therapy
    • Social & emotional assistance
    • English Language Learners
    • Highly Capable Learners

    What health support and services are available?

    • At least 11 nurses are assigned to various schools in the school district
      • Medication, treatment, emergency care & first aid
      • Work specifically with life-threatening conditions
      • Track and assist with required immunizations
      • Provide screening for vision & hearing

    What food service options are available?

    • Breakfast & Hot Lunch Programs (Milk-only available)
    • Free  meals are provided for students who qualify based on family income
    • Online food service accounts allow families to: 
      • View each student's account information
      • Make online meal payments
    • Credit/debit cards are accepted online
    • Complete menus and detailed nutritional information for all items are on our app
    • Summer lunches are provided for FREE for all children under the age of 18
      • More information is available on our website

    How is transportation handled?

    • Bus tags are given to students to assist with appropriate tracking
    • Kindergarteners sit in the front of the bus
    • Bus routes are also provided on our mobile app and “Infofinder” system - visit and click on “Bus Routes” under Quick Links on our homepage (Routes for the new school year are updated in late August)
    • Safe walking zones are within one mile of the school, and no bus transportation is provided
    • Multiple cameras are on all buses for student safety

    What are some kindergarten readiness activities I can do with my child?

    • Counting: count stairs, food items, toys
    • Shapes & Patterns: identify in your house, in the car; sort silverware, blocks; do puzzles
    • Play with Language: nursery rhymes, name things that are opposites, play guessing games
    • Reading: read daily with your child, have your child retell you a story, ask questions

    What are some helpful habits that will help my child at school?

    • Listening Following directions, waiting for turn to speak 
    • Stick to a schedule Bedtime, mealtimes
    • Social Activities Get along with others, sharing, playing in groups
    • Responsibility Accomplish tasks, household chores
    • Independence Dressing – practice snaps, buttons, zippers, using the bathroom

    What advice do you have for parents about getting involved?

    • Join the PTA
    • Attend school events and activities 
    • Get to know your child’s teacher
    • Volunteer to help out at school (ask for a volunteer form)
    • Always contact your child’s teacher or principal if you have questions or concerns
    • Connect and interact with us through social media and our OHPS mobile app
    • Make sure we have your cell number for ease of contact and for emergency text messages

    How do I contact my school’s principal?

    Broad View: Jenny Hunt,, 360.279.5250
    Crescent Harbor: Kate Valenzuela,, 360.279.5650
    Hillcrest: Paula Seaman, pseaman@ohsd.net360.279.5200
    Oak Harbor: Christina Merritt, cmerritt@ohsd.net360.279.5100
    Olympic View: Sara Lucero,, 360.279.5150

    How can I stay connected?

    Call us anytime at 360.279.5000. We’re happy to help!