• These students were selected by their teacher for Explorer of the week.  This week's trait is: 




    • Knowing and doing what you have to do
    • Doing things without being told to
    • Accept the consequences
    • Be prepared
    • Plan ahead


    Jazlynn Irwin/Ms Byrne, Sara Garis/Ms Cadwell, John Chargualaf/Mr Flack, Clara Ford/Ms Hart, Arwyn Havel/Ms Kenney (not pictured), Lola Mahoney/Ms Kenney (not pictured), Piper Wutzke/Ms McConnell, Anika Guevarra/Ms Mollitor, Baylee Trujillo/Ms Ogren, Chloie Squier, Zeke Trevino, Brett Gooch, Jacob Barajas/Ms Payne, Renz Lactoen/Ms Rankin, Evan Hubiak/Ms Ronning, Kassidt Neal/Ms Schiltz, Corinne Evans/Mr Woodard