• 6th Grade SS/ELA Syllabus

     Course Subject: English Language Arts

     Course Description:

    Sixth grade Language Arts will continue students’ growth in the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and reflection. Reading strategies, critical thinking, and our independent reading program comprise the main elements of reading instruction.  The focus of argumentative, informational, and narrative writing instruction is based on Common Core standards.  The overall goal of the class is to increase the literacy and writing ability of students.  

     Instructional Materials:

    • Great Minds: Wit and Wisdom


    Course Subject: Social Studies: Ancient Civilizations

    Course Description:

    In sixth grade, students are ready to deepen their understanding of the Earth and its peoples through the study of history, geography, politics, culture, and economic systems.

    Instructional Materials:

    • History Alive! The Ancient World, TCI Online

    6th Grade Literacy Policies

    Late Work/Missing Work:

    Students are expected to turn in all assignments on the due date. If a student happens to not turn in an assignment, they have two weeks to turn in their late work. Late work will not be accepted after two weeks from the due date unless a student is absent. If a student is absent they will have additional days to complete work that is missing.

    Re-doing Work:

    Any major assignment that is not “C” quality or better should be re-done in order to improve the quality of the work and increase student learning.  Re-doing work is the student’s responsibility.

    • Re-done work must show genuine effort, progress, and be complete.
    • Work must be re-done within two weeks of the date the assignment was turned in.
    • Work may only be re-done one time.
    • The student must complete a “Re-Do Sheet” and attach both the new and old assignments for turn-in.  

    Staying After School:

    Students should stay after school if they have not completed major assignments.  Students may also choose to attend after school sessions on most Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons.  Please email to check the teacher’s availability (we sometimes have meetings) and make sure arrangements have been made for how the student will get home.


    We use a 100%-50% scale rather than the traditional 100%-0% scale. This means that if your child does poorly on an assignment, 50% of the score will show on Family Access, not a zero.  The only exception is if a student does not turn in an assignment in which they will receive a zero until the assignment is turned in.


    Students are expected to have a book with them at all times throughout the school day. Once a week all Language Arts classrooms will have a day where the curriculum is centered on the book that the student is reading. This will involve reading, interacting with the text, evaluating the text, and making connections with the material. It is also expected that students are reading at least 30 minutes a night at home.