School Closures and Weather Changes

  • We pride ourselves on getting students to and from school safely. When weather, road, or school conditions result in a schedule change, we inform families of one of the following changes. Keep in mind that some areas of the district experience more severe weather and driving conditions than others. School closures and schedule changes are districtwide, even if your neighborhood is not severely impacted. If your residential area has hazardous road conditions, please do not attempt to drive to school and notify your school of your situation. As a reminder, if schools are operating on a normal schedule, no notifications will be issued. 
    How To Get Notified?

    We use a variety of methods when issuing communication-related to school closures and delays.  These are the tools we use to communicate with families:

    Website: An alert will appear on the main page of our school district page and each school page.
    Social Media: If you haven't already done so, please follow us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will post regular information and alerts about weather.
    Phone Call: Families can anticipate receiving phone calls following a weather decision. Please review your Skyward information and report any mistakes to your child's school.
    Text Message: Texting is our newest form of communication, and we only use this method for school closures, delays, or emergencies. Please review your Skyward information and report any mistakes to your child's school.
    Email: Families receive emails about weather decisions to the address we have on file. Please review your Skyward information and report any mistakes to your child's school.

Type of Delays

  • Schools Closed
    All public schools in the district are closed. All scheduled activities, meetings, and athletic events are also canceled or postponed. Transportation will not be provided to schools outside our school district even though they may be operating as usual unless notified otherwise. District offices at the Administrative Service Center will remain open. 

    School Delays (Two Hour Delays)
    Buses will begin their first route two hours later than their scheduled time. Regular bus routes, unless snow routes are identified, will be used for any delay. Breakfast and before-school classes will be canceled. Schools will be dismissed at their regular scheduled times. (Example: If your student gets on bus 6 at 6:38 a.m., they will get on bus 6 at 8:38 a.m.) Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center morning classes will be canceled, but afternoon classes will continue as normal. 
    Evening Activities Cancelled
    If travel conditions become hazardous after school has been dismissed, evening meetings and activities may be canceled.
    Limited Bus Transportation
    Emergency bus routes will be used for both morning and afternoon pick up and drop-offs, unless communicated otherwise in an updated message. If road conditions improve, regular bus stops may be used in the afternoon.  
    Snow, windstorms, earthquakes, and power failures can cause disruptions for schools and families. During these difficult times, we will do all we can to communicate information to families.