School Profile

  • Crescent Harbor Elementary SchoolA photo of the front of Crescent Harbor Elementary School

    Address: 330 E. Crescent Harbor Road, Oak Harbor WA, 98277

    Phone: 360.279.5650


    Principal: Kate Valenzuela

    Mascot: Cubs

    Points of Pride or Distinction:

    • 2013 and 2014 “School of Distinction”—named in the top 5% of improving schools in reading and math achievement for the past five years by the Center for Educational Excellence
    • 2012 “Reward School” – named in the top 10% of Title I schools in Washington State by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
    • 2018-2019 earned WA Green Schools bronze, silver, and gold certifications for sustainability actions.

    Special Programs/Activities:

    • Special Education— Resource and Choices 
    • Title I
    • English Language Learners – Traditional Bilingual Education is provided to students who require assistance.
    • Free and Reduced Lunch
    • Intramural sports
    • K-Kids
    • Cub Club—after school homework help for students

    Academic Focus/Highlights:

    • Reading fluency
    • Reading comprehension
    • Math comprehension
    Enrollment:  402