•          Some resources I have available to parents and students include a website and YouTube channel.  My YouTube channel, Mr. Ackerman, is used for instruction in class and out of class. If a student misses substantial time or the beginning of a lesson, some of my lessons are on YouTube, in order for them to get caught up.  

    Grading this year is on an MP/NP system, meaning Making Progress/Not Making Progress.  Any total grade equaling 59% or lower is considered Not Making Progress.  I grade on a 4 point scale similar to the National Art Standards.  In Skyward I have to use decimals due to the conversion to percentages.


          There will be grades inbetween the above numbers, based on level of completion, understanding, quality, neatness, etc.  Such as 3.7, 2.9, 3.2, etc.


    I am also the Advisor for the Art League at OHI.  We are in the building process of creating a tiered peer-mentor program for 6th grade artists who want to enhance their artistic abilities once a week after school.  Former students of mine ranging from 10th grade to 8th will be serving as an advisor/guide/mentor to the these 6th grade students.  At the end of the year the Art League will be taking a field trip to a Museum or two for a fun Art focused off campus retreat for the day.