•          Hello, my name is Matt Ackerman and I am very honored to be the art teacher at OHI. I am originally from Ohio, my wife teaches in the district, and our three children attend Oak Harbor schools. I received my B.A. in Art Education from WWU and my M.A. in Art Education from Boston University.  We will explore a number of mediums, from graphite, paint, origami, to paper making and clay. I will be transitioning the 5th graders into middle school art and preparing the 6th graders for Junior High and beyond.

             Some resources I have available to parents and students include a website and YouTube channel.  The website www.artbyackerman.com is used to showcase student work and to post assignments/project visuals.  My YouTube channel, Mr. Ackerman, is used for instruction in class and out of class. If a student misses substantial time or the beginning of a lesson, some of my lessons are on YouTube, in order for them to get caught up or redo.  

    Grading this year is on a Pass/Fail system this year.  Any total grade equaling 59% or lower is considered failing.  I grade on a 4 point scale similar to the National Art Standards.  In Skyward I have to use decimals due to the conversion to percentages.


    4.0- A

    3.5- B

    3.0- C

    2.5- D

    2.0- F  it’s unfinished or didn’t meet the project goal

    0- F and it’s missing


            There will be grades in between the above numbers, based on level of completion, understanding, quality, neatness, etc.  Such as 3.7, 2.9, 3.2, etc.


    I am also the Advisor for the Art League at OHI.  We are in the building process of what our function will be at the school, but for now we are a safe haven for creative freedom once a week after school.  We are looking forward to opportunities to be creative on campus and off campus. At the end of the year the Art League will be taking a field trip to a Museum or two for a fun Art focused off campus retreat for the day.