• Attendance Awareness Campaign

    September is Attendance Awareness Month, that doesn't mean we ignore the facts. Did you know that missing 10% of school days, or two days a month, can put your child at risk of academic failure? Students with chronic absences are seven times more likely to drop out.  These staggering facts impact schools all over the country.  Oak Harbor Public Schools is teaming up with local and national groups to encourage students and families to attend school.  Barriers like transportation, illness and more can stand in the way for good attendance for our students.  When we reduce chronic absence we improve graduation rates, increase academic achievement and give young people the best chance at success in their adult life. Together, let's make a difference.

    What We're Doing

    While good attendance is a focus around the state and country, Oak Harbor Public Schools will be strategic in targeting students with positive reminders of why good attendance is important. Whether it's a poster in the hallway or social media reminders, we are committed to getting our students in the classroom. In addition, a committee made up of community members and school district employees will meet with parents and students to address chronic absences.  For students with excessive excused or unexcused absences, a meeting will take place to address the concerns and provide solutions to reduce the number of missed school days 

    Here are posters you may see around our schools. 

    Graphic showing attendance data for students at every grade level        Student in protective science eye wear looking around the classroom.

    Attendance Facts (according to OSPI)

    • 3/4 of students who are chronically absent in 6th grade will drop out of high school
    • A student who is chronically absent in high school is 7.4 times more likely to drop out
    • Children who miss school in PreK or K are less likely to begin reading by third grade
    • Addressing childhood asthma can help improve attendance and achievement
    • 7.5 million students miss 10% of school year nationwide
    • 1 in 10 kindergarten & 1st grade students miss nearly a month of school each year