Mary Ramsey

  • I have been employed as a speech/language pathologist in the Oak Harbor Public Schools since 2006, working primarily with the preschool population.  I enjoy teaching and playing with our preschoolers and love seeing the progress they make throughout the year. 

    Most of my childhood was spent in California.  I attended graduate school at the University of Washington, and moved to Washington permanently in 1994.  Although I was raised in the heat of California's Central Valley, I cherish the beauty and cool, rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest.

    My husband and I have three grown children, one boy and two girls.  The eldest of which has Down Syndrome and is a childhood cancer survivor! Therefore, I have experience with the world of special needs from both a parental and professional perspective. 


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    Mary Ramsey
    Speech Language Pathologist
    Phone: 360.279.5934


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