Dana Montgomery

  • Hello!

    I have been providing speech and language services to children at Hand-in-Hand Early Learning Center since 2016. These services target all areas of communication including:

    • Expressive Communication
    • Receptive Communication
    • Pragmatic Communication
    • Vocabulary Acquisition
    • Articulation (speech sound production)
    • Fluency (stuttering)
    • Voice
    • Hearing

    My goal is to improve a child's ability to communicate in the classroom setting and beyond. I collaborate with parents, classroom teachers, the school nurse, other specialists (OT/PT), and health care providers to support each student's individual communication goals. 

    I moved to Oak Harbor from Vancouver, Canada in 2012. When I am away from my desk, I enjoy reading, cooking, traveling, and running in the beautiful trails of Whidbey Island. 

    Please contact me if you have any questions about your child's speech-language development!

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