• For Literacy and Social Studies you will see two separate grades for your child. Each of these grades will consist of averages from the following weighted categories:

    • Academic Responsibility- 10%

    • Formative Practice- 70%

    • Summative Assessment- 20%

    Assignments that may be found under academic responsibility include: participation, attitude, turning assignments in on time, etc. This is a grade that can not be made up. This is why it is only weighted at 10 percent.

    Formative Practice is worth 70 percent of your child’s grade because this is where we will be spending the most of our time learning. The scores on activities in this section will drive my classroom instruction and will serve as a map to success. Grades in this area may be re-done if that is determined to be necessary. Please see the redo policy below for more information.

    Summative Assessments are worth 20 percent of your child’s grade. This is where you fill find tests, final projects, completed essays, and other large assignments. These may also be re-done if necessary.

    ** You may see two scores for some assignments (one in Academic Responsibility and the other in Formative or Summative). This is because the timely completion will be a non-negotiable grade. If your student needs to redo an assignment, their changed grade will be found in the second category.

    ** It is the responsibility of each student to work towards improvement of his or her grade. If your student has not met a score of 70% or better on a graded assignment, it should be redone. I give students several chances on most assignments to reach a score of 70% with your help at home. If a student scores a 70% on an assessment test, and would like to raise their overall grade they may redo the assignment once.



     It is the responsibility of each student to work towards improvement of his or her grade. Students will receive letter grades in the subject area this year. Here is the scoring reference:

      A    100-90       B    89-80        C    79-70        D    69-60       F    59-below

      Report Cards-Family Access

     Secondary school report cards are available at the end of each grading period and students are assessed in accordance with Oak Harbor Public Schools board policy. Parents can keep tabs on their children's progress and their problems by checking online in Family Access, a secure system that also allows you to check attendance and more. Account information is provided to each family by the school office at the start of the school year. Talk to your school office about Family Access or learn more here. | Family Access Log-In

    Report Cards are twice a year.

    • Conferences are twice a year.
    • Report cards are accessed through Family Access.
    • Grades are based on assignments and tests given in class and grades earned by the student.
  • IXL Website

    At IXL your child can practice a plethora of skills in English Language Arts. While this link will take you directly to the ELA content, you can also use IXL for other subjects too! Please keep in mind that for the free usage that only ten questions may be completed each day. This is a perfect amount for practice purposes. Please make sure that you and your child read through the explanations that are provided after each question to ensure that the most can be gotten from this resource. http://socialstudiesforkids.com On this site your child can find current events as well as additional learning opportunities focusing on various aspects of social studies.


    Typing Website

    This website will allow your child to challenge themselves and the clock with their typing abilities. Feel free to make them a free account so that their progress can be monitored! As your child progresses in school, typing will be an invaluable tool for them.