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  • By working together, we can create a successful learning environment for students at school and at home. Here are some highlights of what's happening in our classroom.

    I consider homework as enrichment activities for your children, to be completed at home by them, with your assistance, if necessary.   I try very hard to make sure the work they are doing at home is an extension of the work they do at school. I consider homework an important way for children to practice what they have learned in school and also a way for them to prepare for the next lesson. Generally, the homework will consist of: weekly spelling practice, monthly reading logs, and a nightly math page. I review the homework, so that I can ascertain whether or not your child understands the concepts.  I do record an effort grade which reflects your child’s willingness to turn homework in completed and on time.
    It is the responsibility of each student to work towards improvement of his or her grade. Students will receive letter grades in the subject area this year and also an outstanding (O); satisfactory (S); progressing (P); or needs improvement (N) in skill areas of each subject. Here is the scoring reference:
    O    100-90  S    89-80P   79-70 N    69-0
    If your student has not met a score of 70% or better on a graded assignment, I generally give them a chance to practice the skill and retake it.   In addition, I try to work with small groups of children several times each week to help struggling learners and also to provide more challenging work for those students who need it.
    Report Cards-Family Access
    Elementary school report cards are available at the end of each grading period and students are assessed in accordance with Oak Harbor Public Schools board policy.  Account information is provided to each family by the school office at the start of the school year. Talk to your school office about Family Access or learn more here.
    I try to provide as much information on the report cards as possible but I also endeavor to let parents/guardians know long before a report card comes out whether or not a child is doing OK.  In addition, I am available via email or phone if you have a question about your child’s progress. 



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    Spelling City
    Game-based learning program for language arts  
    National Geographic Kids 
    Educational Games, Videos & More
    Pebble Go
    Text database about animals, earth and space, biographies, and social studies. 
    Link to Keyboarding Without Tears, Reflex Math, and other programs
    Need Google account
    Email address: 28jsmith (graduation year student's first initial last name)@students.ohsd.net
    Password: oak XXXXX (lunch number)