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  • By working together, we can create a successful learning environment for students at school and at home. Here are some highlights of what's happening in our classroom.

    One homework paper is always sent home on Monday and returned on Friday. Typically, I would like each student to practice their spelling words, practice the newly introduced sight words, and read out loud (or be read to) for 10 minutes a day. Please record the titles of the books you’ve read on the homework reading log. You may read any books you have on hand for reading homework, and it is OK to read the same book over several nights.  Repeatedly reading the same book is something children often enjoy, and it is beneficial for them also.
    On the back of the homework reading log, there will usually be a short fluency reading. Students should read this each night. You can assist your child the first time, but encourage them to try on their own even if they make mistakes. The more they read, the more familiar they will become with these words. As the students become better readers, we can try a silent timer to see how many words your child can read in one minute. The ultimate goal is to improve with more fluent reading each night and end with little to no mistakes.

    We will have our weekly spelling tests on Fridays.  To help your child be a successful speller, please help him or her practice the weekly spelling words several times over the course of the week. 
    Please supervise your child and help as necessary as they complete their homework. You may suggest changes or corrections as you review with them. During SHORT weeks, such as conference week or holidays, please use this time to practice extra reading or past high frequency words with your students. Please return completed homework each Friday.
    First grade students are evaluated using the Common Core Standards.  It is the responsibility of each student to work towards improvement of his or her grade. Students will receive letter grades in the subject area this year and also an outstanding (O); satisfactory (S); progressing (P); or needs improvement (N) in skill areas of each subject. Please note that O denotes that the student is performing well above grade level targets.  Here is the scoring reference:

    O    100-90 

     S    89-80

    P    79-70 

    N    69-0

    Report Cards-Family Access
    Elementary school report cards are available at the end of each grading period and students are assessed in accordance with Oak Harbor Public Schools board policy.  Account information is provided to each family by the school office at the start of the school year. Talk to your school office about Family Access or learn more here.




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    Spelling City
    A game-based program for language arts
    Pebble Go
    Text database about animals, earth and space, biographies, and social studies
    Keyboarding Without Tears
    Touch typing fluency and speed
    Link to Keyboarding Without Tears, Reflex Math, and other programs
    Need Google account
    Email address: 28jsmith (graduation year student's first initial last name)@students.ohsd.net
    Password: oak XXXXX (lunch number)