Parents, Visitors & Volunteers

  • Parents, Visitors, Volunteers

    Are you…

    ·  Walking your student to class before 9:00?  You may walk with your student to the front of the school.

    ·  Picking your student up for an appointment?  Go to the office. We will call your student to come to meet you.

    ·  Volunteering in a classroom or for a school activity?  A volunteer information packet must be completed and you must sign in and wear a badge each time you volunteer.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact our volunteer coordinator at 270-5020.

    What’s not allowed…

    ·  Students visiting from other schools or from home school.

    ·  Volunteers taking younger children in classrooms. (We can find places for you to volunteer if you have young children who need to be here  with you.)