Electronics, Toys & Dress Code

  • Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

    Students who need to bring cell phones or other electronic devices to school must keep them turned off and stored in a backpack during the school day.  Should a student cell phone ring during the day, there will be one reminder to turn it off.  After that the phone will be kept in the school office for an adult to pick up. Students are not allowed to place calls or send text messages using a cell phone at any time during normal school hours. The school will not assume financial responsibility for cell phones brought to school by students.  Students needing to make calls during the school day will be allowed to use a student phone in the office.


    Students are not allowed to bring toys from home.  Any toys brought as a part of classroom “show and tell” should be kept in a backpack before and after school.  All electronic handheld games and music players are considered toys. The school does not assume any financial liability for toys brought to school by students.

    Dress Code

    Students' dress affects student conduct and learning. Responsibility for dress rests primarily with the parents and guardians. Please see to it that your student is properly dressed for school. If in doubt, please BE CONSERVATIVE. Students wearing attire that is distracting, inappropriate or creates a safety problem will be sent to the office and parents/guardians will be notified to bring a change of clothing.

    ·  Clothing and footwear must allow students to actively participate in physical education and playground activities.  Tennis shoes are appropriate for most physical activities. Although not prohibited, flip flops and sandals are strongly discouraged.  Students wearing flip flops will not participate in PE.

    ·  Students wearing inappropriate shoes or clothes on PE days will not be allowed to fully participate for safety reasons.

    ·  Shoes with wheels are not allowed at school.

    ·  Pants should fit at the waist and not be excessively large or baggy. Skirts and shorts should be mid-thigh or "finger tip" length. Tank tops should have regular arm holes. Spaghetti straps and halter tops are not allowed.

    ·  Suggestive or inappropriately located decorative slogans or pictures on clothing are not allowed.  Clothing should not advertise alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence, etc. In some cases logos/symbols represent gang or group references.

    ·  Hats are to be removed when inside the building, including in the lunchroom.

    ·  Students should not wear make-up. Natural hair colors are recommended.