Arrival & Dismissal

  • Arrival, Dismissal, and Pick-up

    School Schedule

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 

    8:30- Students may arrive on campus and head to the track to walk

    8:45- Breakfast in the classroom

    8:55- First Bell

    9:00 School Starts


    9:30- Students may arrive on campus and head to the track to walk

    9:45- Breakfast in the classroom

    9:55- First Bell

    10:00-School Starts




    Supervision will be available starting at 8:30 a.m. Due to safety concerns, please do not send your child to school or drop off before 8:30AM.   Students will wash their hands/sanitize them upon entering the classroom in the morning.



    Students will be dismissed at 3:20PM.  Students will be dismissed from their classroom and walk to their appropriate pick-up area.  Students will wash their hands/sanitize them before leaving school for the day.


    Walk-up Arrival and Dismissal:

     Students walking to and from school will enter campus at the designated arrival areas in front of the school.  Due to health and safety requirements, parents may not accompany their child to the classroom.  At the end of the day, please wait for your child near their designated arrival and dismissal area at the front of campus.  

    walk up map

    Drive-up Arrival and Dismissal:

    Gates to the back of campus will open at 8:30AM for arrival and 3:10PM for dismissal.  This is to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  Please do not get out of the car during arrival and dismissal.  If your child needs extra time to load/unload, please park in the parking lot at the front of the building and walk your child across the crosswalk to the front entryway of the building.  When entering the campus for arrival and dismissal, use the entrance to campus near the intersection of Regatta and 5th Street.  Please follow all directions of staff members during arrival and dismissal as the safety and wellbeing of our students are very important.  Arrival and dismissal are very busy times and people are often in a hurry.  Our goal is to be as quick as possible without sacrificing student and staff safety.

    When exiting campus on Regatta, you may only turn right.  It is important that you drive slowly and with caution through the back of campus and around the school to maintain the safety of our walking families.  Also, be aware of bus traffic.



    In our to maintain the safety of students, please move forward to the red "Student Waiting" area located on the map.  Pullover to the right to drop off your student(s).  After your child exits the car, please exit on the left of the drop off area to make room for the next family.



    All Families will be given a car tag, to place in their car for drive-up dismissal.  When you enter the campus at the corner of 5th and Regatta, please have your car tag on the right side of your car's front window or the passenger side window.  Students will be waiting in socially distanced lines at the back of campus and when their name is called, students will be able to move to the front of the line and to the appropriate cone.  This will allow us to ease congestion at pick up and ensure your child is ready to go.

    • If there are changes in the dismissal plans of your child please call the office before 2:00PM to ensure we get the information to classrooms.
    • Have your car tag with your student's first and last name visible.
      • Please have a card in every car that is authorized to pick your child up.
      • Additional cards are available, please tell your child's teacher or call the office if you need a new one or extra.
    • Pull your vehicle up so that the car door is lined up with the cone.
    • Please remain in your vehicle during drop off and pick up.
    • Follow directions of the staff that are directing traffic.  We want to have the process be as safe and quick as posible.
    • Pick-up your child when they are at a cone, and not before.

    drive thru map