Arrival & Dismissal

  • Arrival, Dismissal and Pick-up

    Arrival to School 

    Time to Arrive:

         -  8:30 am if student will NOT be eating breakfast at school. Walk through Galleria to lineup area behind school.

         -  8:15 am if student WILL be eating breakfast at school. Go directly to cafeteria at 8:15 am.

    Method of Travel:

         -  Walking to school

           * Use sidewalk from Navy housing area

           * Use crosswalk with crossing guards at north end of campus for crossing Regatta Drive.

        -  Parent drop-off by car – use drive-though lane in front of school.

        -  Riding bicycle or scooter to school – use bike racks and a lock for security. Olympic View Elementary assumes no liability for bicycle or scooters that are damaged or stolen while on school property.

         -  Riding a bus – buses will unload behind the school. Students will be sent to breakfast or to line up.

    Dismissal and Pick-up 

    Dismissal Time:

         - 2:20 pm each Monday

         - 3:20 pm on Tuesdays - Fridays

    Method of Travel:

         - Students Walking Home

           * Students are to exit campus as soon as dismissed.

           * Students are to use the sidewalk to go to Navy housing.

           * Students are to use the crosswalk on north end of campus for crossing Regatta Drive.

         - Students Riding Bus

            * Students are to go directly to the bus loading zone when dismissed.

            * Staff will supervise students until buses are loaded.

         - Parent/guardian  meeting kindergarten and first grade students on campus.

           * Kindergarten parents will wait outside their student's classroom beginning 3:15 pm. 

           * First Grade parents enter gym at 3:15 p.m. when last PE class of students has exited.

          Wait on west side of gym and teachers will escort students to the gym.

         - Parent pick-up by car  (Students are supervised by staff from 3:20 pm - 3:35 pm).

         * Option 1 – Drive-Through Lane

            -  Staff member will escort student to your car.

            -  DO NOT get out of your car.

            -  FOLLOW directions from crosswalk attendant.

            -  DO NOT block exit from campus to Regatta Drive.

            -  Arrive no later than 3:35 pm.

         * Option 2 – Parking Lot

            -  Park in any vacant parking space.

            -  Walk to crosswalk to meet your student.

            -  Crosswalk attendant will direct student to you.

            -  DO NOT double park or block other vehicles. 

    REMEMBER – Students are supervised until 3:35 pm. Our parking lot is much less crowded after 3:25 pm. Students not picked up by 3:35 pm must be checked out from the office.

    Change in Method of Travel Home:

         - Send a note or call the office prior to 2:00 pm if your student needs to go home by a different way or will be picked up by a different person.

         - Without notification by a parent, all students will be sent home via their usual way.

    Arrival and Dismissal Expectations

    GOAL: Students will arrive and depart in a safe and orderly manner.

    Arrival Expectations 

         - For the safety of all, students are not to be on campus before 8:30 am unless they are eating breakfast.

         - No one is allowed to play on the front grass area or on the rocks and other landscaping.

         - Upon arriving on campus, students will wait on the front benches until dismissed to their classroom at 8:30 am. 

         - Students arriving to school after 9:00 am will be marked tardy. 

         - Scooters, roller blades, skate boards or skate shoes cannot be used on campus. Items must be hand-carried upon arrival on school grounds. Students will receive one warning if they use these items on campus. Upon the second infraction of this rule, the item will be held for parent-only pick up. 

         - Parents who wish to escort their children to their classes before school need to stop by the front office and pick up a visitor's pass.

    Breakfast Students 

         - Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 8:15 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. Students who walk or are parent drop-offs should try to arrive on campus at 8:15 am through 8:35 am for breakfast service. Bus students are scheduled for breakfast from 8:30 am to 8:50 am.

         - Students eating breakfast will go directly to the cafeteria and follow cafeteria guidelines. 

         - Use a LEVEL 2 VOICE while in the cafeteria.

    Bus Arrival 

         - Students will unload from buses in a safe and orderly manner. Students will walk with the staff supervisor either to the cafeteria for breakfast or to the line-up area.

    Bike Arrival 

         - Bike riders will walk their bicycles when on campus, park and lock them in the designated bike areas.

    After 8:30 am - All Students

         - Students will wait in the designated line up area out back. A place is designated for each classroom. They will use respectful LEVEL 2 VOICES and appropriate language.

         - Students need to keep their bodies and personal belongings to themselves.

         - All items brought from home, including show & tell type items, will be kept in their backpacks.

         - Teachers will escort students to the classroom after the 8:55 am bell sounds. 

    Dismissal Expectations

    After School - Bus Riders 

        - Students will go directly from class to the bus loading area. They will not wait around classrooms and/or visit with friends. 

        - Bus riders will wait calmly keeping their bodies and personal belongings to themselves. 

        - Bus riders will use LEVEL 2 VOICES. 

        - Students will refrain from taking or giving cuts in line.

    After School - Walkers & Bike Riders 

         - Walkers will go directly home or to their parent-approved meeting destination. 

         - Bike riders will walk their bikes off campus.

    After School - Parent Pick Up in Car Drive-Through Lane

         - Students are supervised from 3:20-3:35 pm for parent pick-up in the drive through lane.

         - Parents who drive into the car pick-up lane at the front of the school should remain in their vehicle. No vehicle should be left unattended in the drive through lane.

         - Parents/visitors that wish to leave their cars must park in a designated place in the parking lot. There should be no double parking in the parking lot.

         - Students will not be allowed to walk unattended into the parking lot.