Chain of Command

  • National Chain of Command
    Presentation of colors Commander-in-Chief: The Honorable Joseph R. Biden, Jr
    Vice President: The Honorable Kamala Harris
    Secretary of State: The Honorable Antony Blinken
    Secretary of Defense: The Honorable Lloyd Austin
    Secretary of the Navy: The Honorable Carlos Del Toro
    Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Mike Milley, U. S. Army
    Chief of Naval Operations: Admiral Michael Gilday, USN
    Chief of Naval Education and Training: RADM Peter Garvin, USN
    Chief of Naval Service & Training Command: RADM Jennifer Couture, USN
    NJROTC Area 13 Manager: Captain Dan Wenceslao, USN (Ret)
    Senior Naval Science Instructor: CDR Vincent Quidachay, USN (Ret)
    Naval Science Instructor: AMHC (AW) William "Chief" Thiel, USN (Ret)
    Other Notable People
    Governor, Washington State: Jay Inslee
    Senators: Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray
    Representative, 2nd Congressional District: Rick Larsen
    Superintendent, Oak Harbor Public Schools: Michelle Kuss-Cybula
    Principal, Oak Harbor High School: Nate Salisbury
    Battalion Staff
    ROTC at Mariners Game Battalion Commanding Officer: c/CDR Kai Medina
    Battalion Executive Officer: c/LCDR Kyle Eckles
    Battalion Operations Officer: c/LT Thinalyn Ramier
    Battalion Supply Officer: c/LTjg Faith Crawford
    Battalion Administrative Officer: c/LTjg Paige Ransom
    Battalion Master Chief Petty Officer: c/MCPO Jaedine Cabigting
    Battalion Public Affairs Officer: c/ENS Nina Maines
    Battalion Training Officer: c/ENS Kylen Moses
    Battalion Community Service Officer: c/ ENS Miles Erikson
    Battalion Religious Petty Officer: c/CPO Benjamin VonGrey
    Company Staff
    Purple Company
    Commander: c/LT Shervin Fernandez
    Executive Officer: c/LTjg Levi Pullium
    Administrative Officer: c/CPO Audrey Vega
    Supply Officer: c/CPO Carly Bell
    Senior CPO: c/SCPO Jiro Evangelista
    Community Service Officer: c/CPO Elizabeth Muzzana
    Training Officer: c/CPO Keaton Persons
    Gold Company
    Commander: c/LT Raymond Shaffer
    Executive Officer: LTjg Jermaine Denmon
    Administrative Officer: c/CPO Sheyenne Pressley
    Supply Officer: c/CPO Nicole Jones
    Senior CPO: c/ SCPO Landon Hendrix
    Training Officer: c/CPO Anissa Randolph
    Community Service: c/CPO Miles Erikson