Morning Drop Off

    Picture of curbside dropoff in front of school          Sign stating 10 mph speed limit in parking lot


    Student Drop Off

    There are only two options if you are driving and dropping off your child for the school day:

    1. Children may be dropped off along the sidewalk of NW 2nd Avenue. There will be crossing guards at  
        the intersection to ensure children cross safely to the Hillcrest campus.
    2. Children may be dropped off at the visitor parking lot curb in front of the building (the indented pull off area before   
        the crosswalk to the playground).  Children may not be dropped off in the busing lanes, nor anywhere in the parking lot itself
    .  If you pull your vehicle into a parking space, you must get out of the vehicle and walk your child to a crosswalk. 
    Morning Supervision

    Morning supervision begins at 8:30AM at which time students are authorized to enter school grounds. At this time students will go directly to the playground unless they are participating in the school breakfast program in which case they will enter the cafeteria from the outside gym doors. Please make arrangements so your child does not arrive at school prior to 8:30AM.