• Technology Collage
    21st-Century Learning
    Every student and teacher at Hillcrest utilize technology every day. Whether a first grader developing their beginning computer skills or a fifth grader creating digital portfolios, our students use technology within all content areas to collaborate, communicate, create, research, and problem solve.  Each of our classrooms is equipped with an interactive projector and whiteboard, document camera, and Apple TV. Students use Chromebooks daily in the classroom and visit the Technology Lab weekly.  At Hillcrest, technology is seamlessly integrated across grades and subject areas ensuring our students receive foundational technology skills required for 21st-century learning and life.
    Digital Citizenship 

    Using technology at school requires teacher guidance and student integrity and responsibility. To that end, each student receives digital citizenship lessons as part of technology instruction. Digital citizenship instruction is adapted from Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum. Grade-level lessons on responsible technology use include:


     Internet Safety

     Digital Footprints

     Privacy & Security

     Self-image & Identity


     Information Literacy


     Creative Credit & Copyright


    Google Accounts for Education 

    Google Apps for Education provides students with secure and easy online access to documents, spreadsheet, presentation and communication tools that can be accessed from home or school to enhance teacher and student collaboration in the classroom and beyond.  Each of our students is assigned a GSuite username and password. This is a school-based account. Just as adults may have separate Google accounts for work and home, the expectation is your child uses their GSuite account solely for educational (rather than personal) communication.



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