• To maximize your child’s learning, your child needs to be at school, on time, ready to learn each day. It is also important for your child to stay in school the entire day to receive all the instruction from the teacher. Arriving 5-10 minutes late or leaving 5-10 minutes early can negatively affect your child’s learning and disrupt the classroom and learning of others. Please make every effort to ensure your child comes to school each day, on time (in the classroom by 9:00), and stays the entire day (3:20).    To promote attendance, Oak Harbor Elementary has set up several positive incentives for students to recognize their efforts in attending school, including monthly & yearly perfect attendance awards and classroom recognitions and awards for classes with perfect attendance.  

    ABSENCES: Washington State has a compulsory school attendance law (RCW 22A.225.010).   If your child is absent from school for any reason, the parent needs to do the following:

    1. Call the school attendance line by 9 a.m. at 360-279-5148 or our main office at 360-279-5100, or e-mail us at to notify office personnel of the absence.
    2. Send a dated and signed note with your child within 48 hours when they return to school, explaining the reason for the absence and the date(s) of the absence, or you may e-mail an attendance note to Corin Boswell or
    3. Contact the classroom teacher and ask for assignments that need to be made up.
    4. If you anticipate a lengthy absence for a medical reason, please provide the school with a note from your doctor.
    5. Please schedule family vacations during regular school vacations so your child doesn’t miss school.

    If your child has three or more unexcused absences in a month, you will receive a letter from the school requesting you to meet with our Principal. 

    Please note:  If your child has had a fever, vomited, or has had diarrhea within the past 24 hours, they are not allowed to come to school. This ensures your child is well enough to come to school and learn and also ensures your child does not contaminate other students/staff with a cold or flu.

    • If your student is showing symptoms of CID-19, the student must stay home for at least ten days after symptom onset and at least 24 hours after the fever has resolved and symptoms have improved. Please inform the school nurse of any possible exposure to Covid-19 by calling 360-279-5139. The student may return to school if tested negative for Covid-19 and when symptoms/fever has resolved.

    PREARRANGED EXTENDED ABSENCES: If you plan for your child to be absent for more than two days, other than for illness, an Absence Contract Agreement must be completed and returned to the office. The classroom teacher must be notified at least 48 hours in advance. Per Policy No. 3122 item #3, the absence must be agreed to by the Principal. An absence may not be approved if it causes a serious adverse effect on the student’s educational progress.

    TARDINESS:  Being on time for school is not just a good habit, it’s a life skill!    Parents who work outside the home are expected to arrive at work on time, and we expect our students to be in class and ready to learn promptly at 9:20 a.m.   Our warning bell rings at 9:10. Students who are late (tardy) must be ESCORTED TO THE OFFICE BY AN ADULT, who will need to check in the student. Students will get a tardy slip to present to the classroom teacher.    If your child has more than four tardies in a month, you will receive a letter from the Principal requesting a meeting/phone call to resolve the problem.


    • STUDENT ARRIVAL TIME 8:30 - 9:00 Students will walk directly to class after screening by staff. Students are required to wear a mask once they are on campus and practice social distancing. 
    • WARNING BELL 8:50
    • TARDY BELL 9:00: Students are expected to be in their classroom ready to learn
    • DISMISSAL BELL 3:20 (M-F). STUDENT PICK UP 3:20-3:35.



    Kindergarten    Recess: 11:00-11:30   Lunch: 11:30-12:00

    First Grade   Recess: 11:25-11:55   Lunch: 11:55-12:30

    Second Grade   Recess: 11:50-12:20   Lunch: 12:25-1:00

    Third Grade   Recess: 12:40-1:10   Lunch: 12:10-12:40

    Fourth Grade   Recess: 1:10-1:40   Lunch: 12:35-1:10