Ms. Hart

  • Dear Students and Families,
    Over a decade ago, I went to college right here in Oak Harbor at a Western Washington Extension Branch. I graduated magna cum laude from Western Washington University. Since then, I have been working for the Oak Harbor School District. I love living and working in this wonderful community.
    In my classroom, I strive to build that sense of community and a positive attitude. We hold class meetings to share our gratitude with each other. I hope to be a mentor you can turn to if you need help. I strive to be a servant leader.
    I love Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) almost more than Reading and Writing. So, it’s no surprise that my classroom is often buzzing with the excitement of learning. We will be engaged in hands on science lessons. We’ll be using Chromebooks and iPods to learn coding and so much more. We’ll be designing and building “wagons” to learn about the Oregon Trail and Washington State History. We’ll be creating our multiplication table using one-inch square tiles and graph paper. Then, we’ll use that same multiplication table to learn about division and fractions. Oh, I LOVE fractions and algebra. Yes, it’s only fourth grade, yet that is what the expectations are these days.
    Speaking of expectations, students are expected to start reading and analyzing more complex texts. They are also expected to be able to produce three different types of writing: narratives (stories), informational articles, and opinion pieces. We’ll be very busy learning a lot of information this year.
    Ms. Hart


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    BAE magna cum laude,
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