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  • By working together, we can create a successful learning environment for students at school and at home. Here are some highlights of what's happening in our classroom.

    Students in kindergarten, first and second grade bring books home that they are reading to practice with you. They will get a new book every day. Please make sure that you are reading these books with your student. There will be an independent book and an instructional book in their book bag. Their independent book should be a book that is “easy” for them to read to you and their instructional book should be a book that you can read WITH them. Ask them questions about the story to aid in their comprehension skills.

    Good Questions to Ask About Academics
    • Is my child performing at a proficient level (up to standard) in basic skills? If not, is my child above or below? (If it’s below, ask: What is your plan for helping my child catch up? How can I help?)
    • What do my child’s test scores show? What are his/her strengths and weaknesses?
    • Can we go over some examples of my child’s work? Will you explain your grading standards?
    • Does my child need extra help in any area (including adjusting to school)? What do you recommend? How can we work together to help my child?
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Title I and LAP?
    Title I and LAP programs help students improve their reading and math skills.  At our school these programs have one teacher and seven para educators who work with students throughout the school.  Title I is a federally-funded program providing supplemental instruction in reading and math.  LAP also provides supplemental instruction, but the funding comes from the State of Washington.

    How many students does Title I and LAP serve? We serve over 150 students here.

    How are students selected for these programs? Students are selected based on teacher recommendation and achievement on screening tests.  We use the DIBELS and STAR testing for reading and math.  In reading, Kindergarten students are assessed on letters, sounds, and their ability to hear the first sounds in words.  First grade students are assessed on their phoneme segmentation fluency and ability to decode nonsense words.  Second grade students are tested on their ability to read nonsense words and are given an oral reading fluency passage.  Third through Fifth grade students are tested on their oral reading fluency as well as their ability to comprehend a passage.  In math, STAR tests key mathematical concepts at each grade level.   
    How do we work with students? We usually work with students in small groups.  Some students receive support within their classroom during reading and math.  Others receive support in reading or math outside of their regular classroom during a time which is least impactful to the instruction occurring in the classroom.  Students receive their main instruction from the classroom teacher.  Then Title I-LAP students work in a small group with program staff. Our intervention curriculum helps students with reading or math concepts that they need.  

    How long do students stay in the Title I or LAP programs?  To check on our students’ progress, we assess them regularly.  Students who show adequate growth will be exited from the program so other students in need can receive assistance.  At the beginning of each school year, the screening and selection process starts all over again.   Students are not automatically placed in the Title I-LAP program from one year to the next.  
    Report Cards-Family Access
    Elementary school report cards are available at the end of each grading period and students are assessed in accordance with Oak Harbor Public Schools board policy.  Account information is provided to each family by the school office at the start of the school year. Talk to your school office about Family Access or learn more here.



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