• Since we are now reading novels in all Language Arts classes, homework will be based on student's Independent Reading.

    All students are expected to read at least half an hour each night for homework. Reading has proven to be essential when it comes to improving skills in critical thinking, analyzing, decision making, and writing. Therefore, I have put such a high priority on students reading within and outside of the class to build these critical skills. Homework reading can either consist of their Independent Reading books, or any other book of choice. Each Wednesday, my classroom will be designed around Independent Reading which will allow students to read, and then answer higher level thinking questions based on the information that they have read.

    My ultimate goal is to help prepare your children to be successful in both the classroom, outside the classroom, and in the future.  Parents/guardians, your participation and support are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at anytime with questions, concerns, or comments.
    Mr. Jeff Beckley