First Trimester

  • Spanish I

    We'll begin the month of September with a study numbers, the alphabet, vowels, commands, What is this and what does it say, adjectives, Greetings, leave takings, calendar, days of the weeks and months.  In October we will study the body, numbers, singular/plural, pronouns, the cat vocabulary, things in the classroom, and the day of the dead.  First quarter will end with a test using the vocabulary learned in September.   In November we will continue studying numbers, weather, seasons, things in the classroom, the cow and the monkey story and Thanksgiving vocabulary.  First semester will end with a final exam with the cow and the monkey story and all vocabulary we have learned since September. In December we will study the family, clothing, the lost book story, prepositions, numbers and begin reading our novel called Poor Ana. 

    Spanish II

    We'll begin the month of September with a review of vocabulary and the present tense from Spanish I.  The first unit of study is Qué Casualidad in September.  We will also study culture at the end of October with El Día de los Muertos.  In November we will also study thanksgiving vocabulary.  At the end of November and December our unit of study is called La chica socialable.  We will also study more culture with Christmas vocabulary.  In January we will study El restaurante elegante.  Our first novel is called El Nuevo Houdini.