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    Dear Students and Families,
    It is with great excitement that I begin my second year at Crescent Harbor Elementary. I have been teaching fifth grade for more than ten years, and yet each year feels like a new journey as I meet my new students and their families. Learning is a journey, and it's one I look forward to sharing with you. In fact, I know that your child will be more successful this year if we work together to tap their potential. 
    We'll begin this year with a study of New England folk tales, and I'll be asking each child to create a folk tale based on family traditions and holidays. We'll wrap up the semester by transforming our folk tales into book form, accompanied by their hand-drawn artwork. To learn more, visit my 'Learning Resources' page where I'll keep you  updated about our current projects. I look forward to meeting you soon. 
    Mr. Hawthorne
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    Mr. Nathaniel Hawthorne
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