Ms. Jennifer Bryan

  • Welcome to United States History!
    I'm very excited for you to be in my classes! This year, I'm teaching United States History and Honors United States History.
    In U.S. History, we begin with looking at the Exploration of the Americas, life in the American Colonies, and the road toward Independence. Following our first project about the Colonial Era, we will take a journey into the revolutionary history of our country, followed by western expansion, the War of 1812, the Mexican/American War, and finishing up with the Civil War. We are focusing on historical methods of inquiry, using primary source documents to formulate a claim, and citing evidence within those documents to support your position.
    Honors U.S. History will follow the same timeline, but will go more in-depth into certain topics, provide enrichment opportunities as well as class projects and class novels related to our time periods.
    I'm looking forward to getting to know your student through our history class!
    Mrs. Bryan
    US History, Grade 8 
    Honors US History, Grade 8 


  • Mrs. Bryan presents about Victorian Clothing
    Mrs. Jennifer Bryan 
    8th grade U.S. History;
    8th grade Honors U.S. History
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    Office hours are daily from 7:20am-7:45am and Monday, Thursday, Friday until 3pm

    B.A. Military History, University of Washington
    M.A. Secondary Education, Whitworth University
    Ph.D. Education, Washington State University
    M.A. American History, Gettysburg College (anticipated 2023)