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  • Homework 
    Some assignments will be done on the Big Ideas site. On ocassion, we will assign something in the Google Classroom to be completed. These are not graded within the Google Classroom.

    Homework will not be explicitly assigned, however any work not completed during class time is expected to be completed independently. 

    The grading policy is included in the syllabus. Tests and Assessments make up 70% of the student’s grade.

    Report Cards-Family Access
    Middle school report cards are issued at the end of each quarter and students are assessed in accordance with Oak Harbor Public Schools 
    board policy. Parents can keep tabs on their children's progress and their problem areas by checking online in Family Access, a secure system that also allows you to check attendance and more. Account information is provided to each family by the school office at the start of the school year. Talk to our school front office about Family Access or learn more here.

    Family Access Log-In 


  • students

    Classroom Resources: Big Ideas Math - Modeling Real Life Big Ideas


    Supplemental Resources: 
    Khan Academy