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  • By working together, we can create a successful learning environment for students at school and at home. Here are some highlights of what's happening in our classroom.


    All students are expected to read at least half an hour each night for homework. Reading has proven to be indispensable when it comes to improving skills in critical thinking, evaluating, decision making, and writing. For that reason, its imperative that students read within and outside of the class to build those critical skills.  Reading at home may consist of your students choice, my goal is that they are reading every day for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.  


    The ELA Department uses a 100%-50% scale rather than the traditional 100%-0% scale. This means that if your child does poorly on an assignment or does not turn it in at all, 50% of the score will show on Family Access, not a zero. The “Missing Assignment” box will be checked so that you will know if the assignment was not done. I traditionally will put the zero in for a day or two and then change it to the 50 % and I will place a % in the comments box indicating the grade was not earned. Families can expect grades on Family Access to be updated approximately every two weeks.  

     A    100-90      B    89-80     C    79-70      D    69-60    F    59-50

    Report Cards - Family Access

    Secondary school report cards are available at the end of each grading period and students are assessed in accordance with Oak Harbor Public Schools board policy.  Parents can keep tabs on their children's progress and their problems by checking online in Family Access, a secure system that also allows you to check attendance and more.  Account information is provided to each family by the school office at the start of the school year.  Talk to the school office about Family Access or learn more here.

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